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Birthdate:May 1
A generally placid (and you know she's totally lying when she says that) woman who enjoys her life but wishes she could make a tad more money. Hates being stressed out and was one of those kids who got 'very intelligent, but is lazy' on her report books, which her mother still has. Instead, she likes to think of it as directing energy towards things that interest her. She has a highly developed sense of drama and like clothes for clothes' sake. Her major material loves are clothes, expensive jeans, shoes, Ewan McGregor, dark-haired men, Torchwood, fashion magazines, travel and booze - specifically shiraz. Her major non-material loves are her parents, her brother and sister, her sister-in-law, her best friend [personal profile] theoriginalspy who she adores, her roommate [profile] bedelia77 who she also adores, and her other friends.

Travellingone works as an editor and freelance writer, and spent time in corporate communications. While she looked good in a suit, she didn't look good in the atmosphere. She believes that good writers are made, not born and help is always a good thing. This is because she suffered the effects of the dreaded red pen while in j-school and while she hated it, she will grudgingly admit that it did help her writing.

She likes to spend time developing her personality because she's realizing that relying on sarcasm, coffee and her hair isn't the best strategy.

Travellingone is also a superstar in her mind, which is an interesting place to be. It provides hours of entertainment.

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